Glycal Forte ® Data Sheet

Glycal Forte ® is a feed ingredient containing Calcium-Stabilised Glycerol. It provides calcium in the form of highly-available calcium salts; by-pass glucogenic energy and has a high acid-neutralising capacity.

Presentation: Off-white granules <4mm diameter

Typical composition:

Total Glucose Precursor content:60%
Sodium chloride:4%

To provide by-pass energy and calcium and to improve rumen function during transition and lactation

Instructions for feeding:
Glycal Forte should be mixed with other feed materials and fed at a rate up to 250g per cow per day.

Packaging: 25kg bags

Storage conditions:     Store at ambient temperature in dry conditions. Once opened, product should be used within 2 days, or stored in a sealed container.

The trade mark Glycal Forte® is the property of Bio-Energy ingredients Ltd

Glycal Forte® is a patented product