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Glycal Forte ® is a complex of glycerol supported in a solid calcium matrix. A feed ingredient produced by a unique patent-protected process, it helps the high-yielding dairy cow avoid metabolic disorders such as ketosis, sub-acute rumen acidosis (SARA) and hypocalcaemia.

If you have dairy cows, metabolic disorders will be costing you money. It is estimated that in the UK ketosis in its clinical and sub-clinical forms costs the average 100 cow dairy farm £23,000 per year. Yet traditional remedies, such as propylene glycol, are often fermented in the rumen and can cause other problems such as sub-acute rumen acidosis. The costs of SARA can be huge, and traditional buffers are frequently not up to the job. If they were, 40% of the UK herd would not suffer from SARA. SARA leads to reduced dry matter intake which, of course, exacerbates the ketosis and reduces calcium intake.

What is the solution? – Tailored Nutrition from Glycal Forte – what makes Glycal Forte unique is that each cow takes only sufficient neutralising hydroxyl ions to optimise rumen pH. The calcium glycerol complex that remains bypasses the rumen to supply glucogenic energy direct to the liver.

How does it work?

Feeding Glycal Forte ® to dairy cows has been shown to:

Improve pregnancy rate

Improve milk yield

Increase margin per cow

Reduce SCC

Reduce weight loss post-calving

Reduce lameness

There are 3 reasons why Glycal Forte ® is so successful:


In order to act as a glucose precursor glycerol needs to bypass the rumen. This is what the protected glycerol in Glycal Forte does. Released in the abomasum it is absorbed and transported directly to the liver where it is…Read more


Research by Bio-Energy Ingredients Ltd has shown that rumen pH drops dramatically after calving and, unless corrected, can stay low for some time. Glycal Forte optimises the rumen pH, which improves protein… Read more


When it reaches the abomasum Glycal Forte not only releases its glycerol, but also its calcium which reacts with hydrochloric acid to form calcium chloride. Calcium chloride is a source of highly-available calcium… Read more



Since replacing liquid glycerol and Megalac with Glycal Forte ® :

  • Margin on milk alone has increased by £230 per cow
  • Milk yield increased by 2.3 litres per cow per day
  • Improved Colostrum quality
  • No evidence of weight loss post calving

Average milk yield in their 350 cow herd increased to an average 12,590 litres for cows and 11,738 litres for heifers with a calving index of 385 days.

“The results are even more impressive considering our fresh pen was overcrowded we expected lower yields and more weight loss.  The lower weight loss will reduce metabolic problems and therefore improve fertility.” Darren McMurran

Stuart & Darren McMurranNorthern Ireland

Since feeding Glycal Forte ® to the 500 cow herd:

  • Margin on milk alone has increase by £360 per cow
  • Milk yield increased by 5 litres per cow per day
  • Improved fertility
  • No evidence of weight loss post calving

“Since using Glycal Forte milk has increased by 5 litres per cow and we are averaging 34.5 litres. Our high group is averaging 42 litres with 50% heifers.  We have reduced weight loss post calving and our pregnancy rate has improved to 22%. No other diet changes were made”

FarmerSouthern England

Stephen Beeston

Since feeding Glycal Forte ®:

  • Margin on milk alone has increased by £186 per cow
  • Milk yield has increased by 3 litres per cow per day
  • No evidence of weight loss post calving
  • Cows energy stable

Geoff and Stephen Beeston milk 360 Holstein and Friesians at Eccleshall, Staffordshire. Stephen (pictured here) comments, “After including Glycal Forte our milk increased by 3 litres with no other changes to the diet. We also reduced rapid weight loss to within target and have energy stable cows”.

Stephen BeestonEccleshall Staffordshire